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Inspection Tools

Inspection Tools

Bolt Testing


Calipers Digital/Dial

Chart Recorders

Coating Thickness

Dewpoint Analyzer

Distance Meters


Explosion proof digital cameras


Hardness Tester

Holiday Testers

Hydrostatic Test Pump

Laser Alignment

Laser Levels

Light/Sound meters

Moisture Meter

Peak Reading Voltmeter

Rebuilt Process Gauges

Ultra-Sonic Wall Thickness


Gas Detection

Gas Detection

Emissions Analyzer

Gas Detection

Gas Detection Tubes

Photoionization Detector


Test and Calibration Station

Instrumentation & Calibration Test Equipment

Instrumentation & Calibration Test Equipment

Hart Communicators

Multifunction Calibrators

Process Multimeters

Pressure Calibrators / Gauges / Manometers

Hand Pumps

Gauge Pump Kits

Pressure Gauges

Temperature, Voltage and Loop Calibrators

Deadweight / Comparator

Pressure Manifolds

Pneumatic and Frequency Calibratorsa

Vernier Caliper


Steel Scale.

Vernier Height Gauge

Vernier Depth Gauge.

Bevel Protractor.

Dial Gauge (Plunger, Level)